borders. pigeonholes. labels. genres. categories. boxes.

i could add even more terms to the list of imposed limitations, but ever so often we don’t even leave it up to others to box us in and define us, but do so by orienting and adjusting our thinking and acting along previously drawn lines / thinking patterns / scopes of expectation. and yea, of course, this also applies to myself. and mostly we don’t even realize this until someone else makes us aware of this fact – even those of us that’d like to “label” themselves as free spirits.

bearing this in mind i’m keen to see where the future collaborative efforts with my homie ВАНЯ aka thatkidfromrussia are going to take us. probably away from the standard hiphop-song-patterns. probably into different soundscapes. maybe even onto another level. we’ll see. for those of us that like to travel on beats and get lost in sound – make sure to check that kid (from russia) out. he’s got a number of tunes on his youtube-channel and was recently featured on Avens great album surrounding reality, which was physically released in japan. expanding horizons. no limit’s up there, only chemtrails, but that’s a whole nother story. btw. my faves on the album mentioned above are tone of mind and two seasons. going deep/flying away.