…we’ve been quiet. far too quiet, for far too long. but despite the silence a lot has happened, changed, and some things have come to an end. but now that spring seems to finally arrive I strongly sense that we’ll not only get back on track(s) – literally -, but also be able to show that behind closed doors we’ve actually been working on our foundation, working on projects, have adjusted our strategy, and have recharged our batteries.

so, to set the tune for what’s to come I’d like to re-introduce my homie thatkidbahr, who has now officially joined the squad, although mentally he’s already been part of the 3o-movement for a while – as we’ve always claimed that out of order is more of a state of a mind, a platform for like-minded people anyways. if you haven’t checked out his stuff so far, make sure not to miss out any longer and find out about the traces of modal soul in his music.

i sense that things are #building up. so watch out and stay tuned.