…speakers in the middle of a blocked street, music boomin. old folks, dozens of kids running around, boys and girls sweating, feeling the beats, dancing on dusty sand. more people joining in, lured in by the addictive rhythms. the dj mixing classic high life songs and the latest dancehall infused local tunes. accurate body movements and gestures mastered with the greatest intensity and ease. the whole scenery could be described as an #azonto fiesta – the local gh dance craze that has spread over the globe thanks to loads of clips on youtube. but while azonto has reached dancefloors in europe and america a new dance is taking over the local dancefloors…and streets. alkayida. controversially titled, rhythmic and infectuous.

well, and the ongoing party cannot really be labelled a fiesta, it’s the aftermath of a funeral. it might seem quite odd from a western perspective, but over here the dramaturgy of funerals can comprise several days and events and at the end of it, the transition of the deceased to a better place is celebrated, which can eventually transform the whole ceremony into a full blown blockp party. once more making me realize how inextricably life, music and dance are tied to each other in this part of the world.


Photo Credits: Felix Krohn