It was more than a decade ago that I first heard of Kano aka K-Aaaaaa. Must’ve been somewhat around’04 or ’05 when I was visiting fam in London and Reading that I first saw and listened to this young brit spitting over hyper-speed UK beats that sounded kinda new to me back then. That was during the early years of Grime but even then when the whole scene was just emerging, this young emcee wouldn’t limit himself to a genre, and still rep it to the fullest. I remember nodding my head to his roadmans anthem Ps and Qs and next minute rapping along to his playful lines on his catchy smash Brown Eyes. Now, a decade later, I finally got to see Kano live on stage – just a few weeks after he dropped his latest and probably most reflective record “Made in the Manor” – I had initially wanted to write mature , but then scratched it as Kane’s debut “Home Sweet Home” had already been unbelievably mature for a 19-year-old back then. Tho “Made in the Manor” has a mainly introspective vibe to it, Kano showed why he’s a true legend (OG status) live on stage, turning a traditionally rather reserved Hamburg crowd into frenetic grime ravers. Seems like I was as eager as Kane himself about the release of this record since his music is part of my special relation to the UK and this album simply brings a lot of things together on many levels. Normally not a fan of all that additional stuff that artists need to put out these days to stay present but his channels are defo great entertainment and Kane’s simply one of the coolest dudes around. So make sure to check out the mini-documentary he shot along with the album, taking you round Manor Road, giving you a feel of the albums vibe and the environment he grew up in.

a friend was just right when he said, that he had to see him spit live to fully understand what an amazing emcee this guy is.