Autumn. The sun seems to be locked away behind a grey iron curtain – doing life. Suffering from her absence, we continuously gaze upwards in the faint hope of spotting traces of her somewhere, but are continuously disappointed. The heavens seem to cry in despair as we keep on with our daily routines, trying not to give critical thoughts too much room.

Yet, these are the days that many of us fear and loathe. Feel discontent, desolate, wish they were elsewhere. And these are the days that I most urgently need music. Some might rely on chamomile tea, cough candy and warm clothes to take them through, but I mostly need my headphones to endure this. And of course, the right music. I’m not even attempting to listen to steel drum music, hoping it’d help me escape to the Caribbean. I rather choose to “stay” and find the soundtrack to the present scenario: slow, deep, melancholic.

And just when I felt that the shadows of autumn had now fully taken the place of the summer sun, my friend ВАНЯ introduced me to his latest work: Sunshine / Crystals / Raindrops. I instantly fell in love with the cover artwork by Chaz 3rd-i-Peay and after a few loops in my deck, I gotta say I’m impressed. I’m feeling the homogenous athmosphere, the rather dark tone, the abstractly beautiful soundscapes and well-timed breaks. I found some Amon Tobin in this, some Bonobo and invite you to go searching. It’s the right season. Give it a listen.