"in a paradox reality it's only natural to be out of order"
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"Rain (RMX)" drops around Christmas time

“Rain (RMX)” drops around Christmas time

… and the effects of climate change are becoming more obvious with each year. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a white Christmas in 2015 in Hamburg. It rather feels like late autumn right about now and tho it’s been a few months since homeboy ВАНЯ first dropped this remix of Gaelle Addison’s “Rain”, but...
New Video: ВАНЯ teams up with Bluechan and drops "Have a good time"

New Video: ВАНЯ teams up with Bluechan and drops “Have a good time”

…it’s time again. Time to release some new material. Well, and time to actually “Have a good time”. 3o-member ВАНЯ invites South Korean emcee Bluechan to lay some verses over a smooth, summery instrumental and take us on a walk through his hometown Seoul. This uplifting single serves as foretaste of ВАНЯ’s forthcoming album Humble...
The beloved season

The beloved season

Autumn. The sun seems to be locked away behind a grey iron curtain – doing life. Suffering from her absence, we continuously gaze upwards in the faint hope of spotting traces of her somewhere, but are continuously disappointed. The heavens seem to cry in despair as we keep on with our daily routines, trying not...
beyond borders.

beyond borders.

borders. pigeonholes. labels. genres. categories. boxes. i could add even more terms to the list of imposed limitations, but ever so often we don’t even leave it up to others to box us in and define us, but do so by orienting and adjusting our thinking and acting along previously drawn lines / thinking patterns...