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Layer Cake vibes - Made in the Manor.

Layer Cake vibes – Made in the Manor.

It was more than a decade ago that I first heard of Kano aka K-Aaaaaa. Must’ve been somewhat around’04 or ’05 when I was visiting fam in London and Reading that I first saw and listened to this young brit spitting over hyper-speed UK beats that sounded kinda new to me back then. That was...
New Video: ВАНЯ teams up with Bluechan and drops "Have a good time"

New Video: ВАНЯ teams up with Bluechan and drops “Have a good time”

…it’s time again. Time to release some new material. Well, and time to actually “Have a good time”. 3o-member ВАНЯ invites South Korean emcee Bluechan to lay some verses over a smooth, summery instrumental and take us on a walk through his hometown Seoul. This uplifting single serves as foretaste of ВАНЯ’s forthcoming album Humble...
The beloved season

The beloved season

Autumn. The sun seems to be locked away behind a grey iron curtain – doing life. Suffering from her absence, we continuously gaze upwards in the faint hope of spotting traces of her somewhere, but are continuously disappointed. The heavens seem to cry in despair as we keep on with our daily routines, trying not...


Um die Zeit zu den kommenden Releases zu verkürzen haben wir Material der letzten 5 Jahre gesichtet, zusammengeschnitten und jetzt endgültig im Kasten. Episode 1 – die Geschichte vor der Geschichte, das Ende vom Anfang, die Lost Tapes der vergangenen Jahre, ungemastert und authentisch, dokumentarisch aus unserer Perspektive, festgehalten in Bildern, schwarzweiss in Szene gesetzt,...