it feels good to dig, to search, to find. and yea, it kinda feels like i’ve re-discovered the practice of digging for music. not that i had ever consciously abandoned it. but my habits changed and if i happen to really think about it, they’ve constantly undergone changes, even without my notice.

from my early teen-crate-diggin-days when i was recording roxette songs from the radio, to my anxiety of missing an edition of the weekly show by marius number one, on which i was sure to discover rare gems and mixes. from making sure to check out the record collection at friends places, asking if i could borrow a few cds to put the best songs on one of my infamous mix cds. from me cutting girlfriend-time to make it to a record store in her neighbourhood, occasionally taking her along, to flip through hundreds of cds, searching for new releases and affordable offers as cash didn’t flow back then. to the huge influx of new and old music to my pc in those kaazaa-days, which in my case were followed up by the ebay-age in which i’d invest hard-earned cash in paying off my moral debts to some of my favourite artists by purchasing records that i had never possessed including original artwork, but had been accompanying me over the last years. in this latest phase technological advance also made it seemingly superfluous to own music, even to amass it on your own pc hard drive and since that bluish social networking site lured a huge portion of the online community to spend vast amounts of their (online) time dwelling on holiday pics from friends of friends or the cleavage of remotely known women or the artful arrangements on dinner plates, the secular practice of searching for music was pushed back a bit or didn’t get the special attention and focus it used to -’least if i’m speaking of my own habits, despite the ever increasing effortlessness of it.

i was honestly shocked when the record store that i had spend so many hours in closed a couple of years ago and the owner had told me that this was “just another step in the ongoing process of de-biologisation”. i had also noticed that i spent less time really focussed on listening to music – and doing just that – but i’ve recently spend more and more time on soundcloud. admittingly often just letting the music randomly play, whilst i was busy working/doing stuff. but just being able to listen without any visual distractions and actively scanning other stuff has already helped get my focus back. and yea, i guess, i’ve not only discovered some great new music, but also re-discovered my passion for crate digging. nuff said. rain drizzles, the sun is locked away and it feels like november, so let the music play.